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Corporate Secretarial vs. Annual Compliance in Latin America

Corporate Services • May 10, 2024 • Written by: Ongresso - Business Beyond Borders

Expanding your business to Latin America presents exciting opportunities, but navigating the legalities can feel like venturing into a labyrinth. Two terms that often trip up Western entrepreneurs are corporate secretarial and annual compliance. While intertwined, they're not identical. Ongresso, your partner for International business expansions, is here to sort through these terms and clarify these important ideas.


Annual Compliance

Annual compliance is a critical aspect of maintaining good legal standing for companies operating internationally. It encompasses a range of tasks essential for ensuring adherence to local regulations and demonstrating transparency to authorities.

There are specific set of tasks companies must complete yearly to maintain good legal standing in their chosen Latin American country. Think of it as your company's annual report card to the local authorities.

Key elements of annual compliance in Latin America:

  • Filing Annual Reports and Financial Statements: Providing a transparent overview of the company's financial health, following the specific reporting requirements of the country.
  • Confirmation Statements: Verifying company information is up-to-date with the government registry in your chosen Latin American nation.
  • Annual General Meetings (AGMs): Holding meetings for shareholders to discuss performance and elect directors (if applicable), following the legalities and timelines outlined for your specific country.

However, it's important to recognize that annual compliance is just one facet of a broader spectrum of responsibilities handled by corporate secretarial services.

Corporate Secretarial

Your Comprehensive Solution for Annual Compliance and Beyond

Corporate secretaries play a vital role in ensuring annual compliance is met. They manage deadlines, prepare documentation according to local regulations, and act as a resource for navigating the process, considering the cultural and legal nuances of the region.

Imagine the corporate secretary as your company's governance guardian in the dynamic Latin American market. They ensure smooth operations by adhering to legal and regulatory frameworks specific to the country you're operating in. Think of them as the conductor, keeping the corporate orchestra in perfect harmony, but with a deep understanding of the local musical style.

Their duties include:

  • Board and Meeting Management: Convening board meetings, preparing agendas and minutes according to local regulations, ensuring proper procedures are followed.
  • Statutory Compliance: Overseeing filings with government agencies in Latin America, maintaining company registers (shareholders, directors), and ensuring adherence to relevant acts specific to your chosen country.
  • Corporate Governance: Championing ethical practices and good corporate citizenship, considering the cultural nuances of Latin American business.
  • Liaison and Advisor: Acting as a bridge between your company, directors, and stakeholders, facilitating communication and understanding across borders.


Here's where Ongresso steps in:

  • Our experienced and qualified corporate secretaries assist you in your chosen Latin American country.
  • Our team can help decipher the legalese and ensure a smooth annual compliance process.
  • We offer ongoing support and guidance, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

By understanding these concepts, you can ensure your business operates smoothly and avoids unwanted penalties in Latin America. As your trusted partner, Ongresso will helo you navigate the ever-changing world of corporate compliance internationally.

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